The San Giuseppe Hospital is a private hospital accredited by the Italian national health service with a contract with the USL 8 (local health authority) of Arezzo for the provision of health services. It is located in the historic centre of the city and provides highly specialised medical and surgical services, guided by principles of equality, impartiality, continuity, freedom of choice, participation, efficiency and effectiveness. In line with health planning policy in the Region of Tuscany, San Giuseppe Hospital plans and makes contracts with the relative ASL regarding the type and quantity of services to make available to users to supplement those offered by public facilities, both for the provision of hospital admission for acute patients, with a total of more than 80 beds, as well as for specialist diagnostic and outpatient activities. The facility was also used as a community hospital in the past. The hospital provides services and facilities for diagnosis and treatment relating to the following activities: Activities performed as part of inpatient care:

  • Routine admission: optionally preceded by pre-admission for preparatory tests;
  • Day Hospital: single admission or a series of admissions lasting no more than 24 hours during which multispecialty medical appointments are held;
  • Day Surgery: outpatient surgical procedures which end on the same day.

Activities performed in outpatient settings:

  • outpatient surgical procedures;
  • diagnostic services;
  • specialist outpatient services.

Our history

​San Giuseppe Hospital was founded around eighty years ago thanks to the work of the Minime Suore del Sacro Cuore, a religious institute of nuns founded in 1902 by Margherita Caiani who always dedicated herself, with great care, to the poor and the sick, taking care of their needs, both physical and spiritual. Her prolonged commitment to the neediest earned her beatitude on 23 April, 1989, when Supreme Pontiff John Paul II remembered her as an example of how to live.

Today the hospital continues to operate under the same guiding principles that have always characterized the facility which is no longer run by the Minime Suore Institute and was taken over by the Assisi Project in July 2006. In the interests of continuity of care, both of the care itself and the social aspect that has for years characterised the San Giuseppe Hospital for the city of Arezzo, all the staff were kept on and the existing organisational structure was maintained and enriched with new, qualified skills and activities.

The commitment made by this new group, besides that of continuing, enhancing and preserving the activities performed and the direction taken till then, with particular emphasis on the highly moral character of caring for the sick, is bound to the objective of making San Giuseppe a recognized centre of excellence at the international level by improving and optimizing the quality of the services and the skills of the medical staff.

Mission and objectives


Creation of a centre of excellence in the field of minimally-invasive and endoscopic surgery in the authorised specialties through the development of healthcare excellence through characteristic requisites: structural - related to cutting-edge management and technology for prevention, diagnosis, therapy and professional rehabilitation - related to the high degree of competence and professionalism of the qualified staff - related to continuing efforts to improve the quality and reduce the times and the waiting lists for the provision of health services.


Building of the new San Giuseppe Hospital


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